Pressure Washing Services in Brantford, Hamilton, London and Cambridge
Whether you are looking to pressure wash your fence or deck, power wash concrete, remove graffiti, wash the exterior of your house of clean out a cistern, the team at JBC has got you covered. With 10 years experience making the world a cleaner place we have the tools and the power to get the job done.


JBC Property Services offers fence and deck pressure washing services. Our power washing services will restore your deck and fence to new! Mold and mildew build up, leading to the discolouration of the wood. We will pressure wash your wood fences and wood decks, including cedar decks and pressure treated wood. Get the dirt and grime off your fence, and let us clean your deck just in time for patio season!


No surface is too dirty for our power washing professionals to tackle! JBC Property Services takes advantage of the best equipment to offer the best concrete pressure washing services in Brantford and the surrounding area. Our team can remove all kinds of stains, grime and growths to make your concrete beautiful again! A clean concrete driveway, walkway, and sidewalks give a better image and will improve the look of your property. Whether it’s a residential, commercial or industrial property, our pressure washer can clean any exterior concrete, including stamping concrete. Washing your concrete is a simple solution to a dirty problem. Update your backyard by power washing your concrete patios with hot water. Washing concrete with a power washer can dramatically improve the look of your backyard oasis.


JBC Property Services can give your home a new look with a power wash and our exterior house cleaning. Our pressure washing services can handle any exterior house material, including vinyl, stucco, aluminum siding, hardy board. Power washing can improve the look of your house, and wash away spider cobwebs, mold, moss and mildew. If you would like to make your home look new again, contact JBC Services for a free quote on house washing and siding cleaning. No surface is too filthy for our pressure washing services to handle. We will make your services look new again!


Cistern maintenance and cistern cleaning are of vital importance to keep your cistern water clean. As the cistern gathers rainwater, which leads to mildew, mould, and moss growing on the sides of the cistern. It also leads to sludge at the bottom of your water tank. Cleaning and disinfectant will help your cistern tanks improve your water quality and keep your drinking water safe. We also clean newly installed water cisterns, which often has leftover residue from construction.


Some people think that graffiti is art. But when it’s on the side of your building, it’s difficult to appreciate the artistic merit! Don’t let graffiti lower your property value, or make your customers uneasy. Call us today for any graffiti removal and make your building new again as we completely remove any graffiti that plagues your building.

We can remove graffiti with our pressure washing services, and can keep any surface clean.

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