Project Description

Ah, Graffiti. To some it’s art, to others it’s an eyesore.

Regardless of how you feel about it, the reality is that graffiti is a crime. It is the intentional painting or defacing of property in public view without the permission of the owner of the property. Some view it as a victimless crime, but polls show that it causes feelings of intimidation, drives down property values, ruins a public space or business’ reputation and can lead to expensive fines for property owners.

Typically graffiti is spray painted, drawn on with permanent marker, waxy substances or chalks, or can be posters with an adhesive that is difficult to remove. You could spend hours cleaning up graffiti yourself, but do you have the time, chemicals or the equipment for that? Let JBC be your graffiti removal service.

At JBC we use our pressure wash systems to remove graffiti fast and return your wall to its original surface. Our pressure washing service provides safe, speedy removal of graffiti and spray paint from brick, siding, vinyl, metal, concrete, and more.

We take pride in our work and have been trained to make sure that we remove unwanted graffiti quickly and carefully. Our power washer properly removes graffiti, restoring your property to even better than it was before. We take care when pressure washing, to make sure that your property isn’t damaged further. You can feel confident that our graffiti removal services won’t result in expensive repairs to the surfaces we use our pressure cleaner on.

The team at JBC Property Services Inc are your removal specialists. Call us today and we’ll start removing the graffiti tomorrow.

JBC Property Services. Your Brantford, Hamilton, KW and Toronto Graffiti Removal Specialists.