Is your concrete walkway, porch, patio or driveway beginning to look old, or starting to show signs of mold and mildew? Maybe it’s time to consider a power cleaning concrete service like JBC Property Services. We specialize in residential and commercial cleaning.

Don’t wait until summer is upon us to get your concrete cleaning done! Let us bring our professional pressure washing service to you.

Over the fall and winter, your concrete surfaces took a beating. Between dirt, grass clippings, leaves and rain, oil and chemicals from your car, and salt and snow from the winter, your driveway and walk-ways have accumulated a build up that you can’t get off with a hose alone.

Pressure washing your driveway, concrete porch, and sidewalks, is the quickest and most economical way to improve the curb appeal and increase the property value of your home. Regular maintenance of your concrete surfaces, including patios and pavers, is a great way to prevent them from deteriorating or having dirt and grime build up and becoming a trip hazard. Making sure that there is no mold or mildew build up prevents the surface from becoming slippery when it rains and could save you the unwanted headache and expense of an insurance claim.

Having a professional do the pressure washing for you saves time, money and potential damage. Using the wrong tools can cause pitting or cracking, which can lead to expensive repairs. Our specially trained team assesses the surface to determine the right tools and or chemicals to use. You can be confident that your concrete and paved surfaces will be cleaned right the first time.

Our techs use a high-pressure washer to make sure that all the salt and dirt are cleared from your walkways and driveway after a long winter. Our hot water pressure washer also blasts away oil, anti-freeze, and coolant from your driveway, making it look like new!

We make sure we use the right tools and chemicals with our mobile pressure washing system to properly clean your hardscape ensuring that there is no damage to the surfaces. Sometimes no chemicals are necessary but you can be confident that our specially trained team will do the job safely if chemicals are needed.

While doing it yourself can be satisfying, it can take hours! Don’t spend most of your Saturday hosing down your driveway and trying to scrub away all that winter build up. We can have it done in around an hour or so! Save yourself some time and a potential trip to the chiropractor or damage to your concrete surfaces. There are only 72 Saturdays between Victoria day and Labour Day so enjoy them with friends and family!

Call the pressure cleaning pros at JBC Property Services for a quote and leave the dirty work to us!

Power washing these surfaces doesn’t take long! Within a few hours, our crew can get your concrete and paving stones sparkling like new. Pressure washing a patio takes very little time.