Does the old phrase, “out of sight, out of mind” apply to your cistern? Do you know when your cistern was cleaned last? Was it when you had your cistern installed?

You might be surprised to learn that cleaning your cistern tank is extremely important, especially if you are looking to sell your home. An uncleaned cistern can lead to issues with water supply, water testing, and water treatment making it nearly impossible for a buyer to get a lender to agree to a mortgage on a home.

How often you clean your cistern water system depends on a number of things: Is your cistern filled with only potable, municipal water? Does your cistern collect and use stored rainwater? Is it fed by a well? How long does the water stand in the cistern? Concrete cisterns need to be power washed to ensure cleanliness. Our team will inspect the cistern and start a cleaning process which will make your cistern safer to drink from.

Standing water collecting in your cistern for a long period of time can breed bacteria and a slimy film. Other things affect the quality of your water, such as heavy rains, dirt, debris, and wild animals can also get into the cistern, having a negative effect on the quality of your water supply, potentially infecting gallons of water. If your cistern is used for rainwater collection, you will need to have your water tested and provide water samples for the municipality. Water cisterns should be cleaned more often as rainwater contains more contaminants like animal and bird droppings, dirt, and chemicals like pesticides. Well water can become contaminated as well, so regular testing is always a good idea to make sure that your drinking water is clean and safe.

Even if you only fill your cistern with clean, municipal water, you should have your water tested regularly, your cistern inspected annually and the cistern tank cleaned every one or two years. Contaminants can get into your water cistern through vents, lids that don’t fit properly or overflow.

Hiring a cistern cleaning service is the best way to have your water cistern cleaned and the water system in your home properly flushed afterward.

The process of cleaning a cistern tank can be time-consuming and challenging. A cistern is a confined space and there are protocols that must be followed when cleaning it. It’s best to leave the cleaning to a professional. The cistern tank will need to be emptied and inspected to make sure there are no cracks or leaks. Sediment, debris, and slime have to be removed properly, which will disinfect the cistern. Once the cistern is disinfected, it needs to be completely dried before we refill the cistern with safe water, as is the water source for your family. We will also monitor the water level at this time.

Our team of trained professional can make sure that all the necessary steps are taken to make sure that your cistern water system is cleared, repaired and providing clean water for your needs. They will explain the process and what you will need to prepare while your cistern is being cleaned, inspected and disinfected. A full cleaning can take a couple of days but we will make sure that you know what you need to get through the process. Once our techs are finished your water cistern will be ready to be filled with clean, treated water. There is a necessary flushing process after cleaning and disinfecting your cistern tank to make sure that any testing done at the completion of cleaning and disinfecting passes.

Don’t wait until you’re selling your home with a real estate agent or your water fails testing. Make sure your water is safe to drink! Call JBC Property Services today for all your cistern cleaning needs.